Wills and other aspects of life

Making a will is important. After we die, a will makes life a lot easier for those left behind. It saves arguments, benefits those we want to benefit and is the only way in which money can be left to charity.

The increase in house value has meant that a lot more people are going to leave an estate liable to Inheritance tax.  (The exempt limit for non-charitable gifts is £325,000 at the moment).

Sometime significant tax savings can be made in the preparation of Wills. In some cases the potential tax savings can exceed £100,000.

Mustoe Shorter can give you advice on how to frame a Will and take you through the process simply, straightforwardly and inexpensively. Mustoe Shorter will make your Will for £150 + VAT if the content and circumstances are straightforward; mirror wills for husbands/wives/ partners are just £250 + VAT for the two if the content and circumstances are straightforward.

We also help with Powers of Attorney, formal documents that enable a relative or spouse/partner to manage the estate of a person who can no longer do it themselves or who may not want to.

James Bryant