We are aware that changes to and restrictions in the system of legal aid in this country can mean that people of even quite modest incomes are subject either to heavy contributions to their legal aid, or deemed (at least in the Magistrates’ Court) to be outside the limits of the system. We work very hard to obtain legal aid for clients of the Criminal Law Department but if we cannot do so because of those restrictions, we are able to enter into sensible arrangements with the client to arrange payment on a private basis. Sometimes, when a client is acquitted, it is possible to make a claim against public funds after the event and we will always be alert to the possibility of doing that.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that any particular client will be acquitted of any particular offence; we can however guarantee that we will act always in the best interests of that client and do the very best that we can for them in preparing and presenting their defence of the charge, or if pleading guilty, their mitigation in respect of the sentence.

Contact Us For Any Advice On Criminal Matter

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If you have to go to the Police Station, ask to speak to Tania Carter
or email tania.carter@mustoeshorter.co.uk

If you have to go to the Magistrates’ Court, ask for the Remand Unit
or email hayley.crabb@mustoeshorter.co.uk

If you have to go the Crown Court, ask for Freddie Stokes
or email freddie.stokes@mustoeshorter.co.uk


Case Forms

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