Questions to consider when making a will:

  • Do you wish to leave everything to your husband/wife/partner?

  • If widowed, do you wish to leave everything to your children?

  • At what age do you want your children to inherit?

  • If you do not have children, how would you like to distribute your estate?

  • Who do you want to be your executors? They must be people you can trust.

  • In the event of your death, who should be guardians of your children?

  • How are the guardians of your children to receive sufficient money to care for your children while they grow up?

  • Do you want anyone to inherit particular gifts or sums of money?

  • Where should you keep your will?

  • Do you need to consider inheritance tax?

Many people do not realise that wills are cancelled on the event of a marriage and that gifts to former spouses are cancelled on divorce, so if you have recently re-married or divorced, you may need a new will.

Mustoe Shorter Solicitors & Advocates can advise you.

Mustoe Shorter Solicitors & Advocates can draw up your will inexpensively and quickly with the minimum amount of fuss.

After your death, we will provide a comprehensive service in the winding-up of your estate, so as to minimise the stress and anxiety that otherwise burden grieving relatives.

Having drawn up your will, we will store your will for life free of charge in our secure, fire - proof facility.

We can also act as your executors and trustees to ensure that the whole administration of your estate from the time of your death to conclusion of any trust is dealt with safely and professionally.

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